between cirrus clouds... and the island of leeks
South East Sicily
Sicilia Sud Orientale

You need to close your eyes when, almost blinded by the magnificent Mediterranean sun, they need a moment to adjust and then open to these new colours that immodestly present themselves to your view.

Then comes the surprise…




So, digressing from Italian ices and almond milk, you find yourself with the embarrassment of a choice of routes to follow...

... and you arrive at the bewildered understanding that perhaps one holiday is simply not enough for all of this.


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Our thought
Il nosro pensiero

... and to create an oasis of peace, where not just the body, but also the spirit and heart can be refreshed.

We cultivate the soil, we keep bees and if you like, we will share our experience with you.
Our products represent an attempt to recover that bond with the earth that industrialisation has broken, in order to rediscover our common roots.






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