between cirrus clouds... and the island of leeks

You need to close your eyes when, almost blinded by the magnificent Mediterranean sun, they need a moment to adjust and open to these new colours that immodestly present themselves to your view.

Then comes the surprise…

Your vision, which,
descending over the bare Iblean mountains
meets lush countryside dotted with baroque citadels,
islands on an island flooded with light and heat,
finally loses itself at the point where the seas cross paths, overcome with feelings.

And so the madness of the frantic rhythms of daily life dissolves, revealing a different dimension, where colours, scents, and flavours are more real and intense

This is Sicily, a wild and somewhat irreverent land, but so full of essence, with its stones soaked in the fragrance of centuries and the magnificent civilisations that have shaped it, that offers itself to visitors almost distractedly, but curious as to their interest.
And visitors must take stock of their greed, because the temptation is to see and taste everything, and at once.
But this is not possible.
Because the quantity of places to see and experience offered by this segment of Sicily is equal only to the vision of its starry sky at night time:
a swarm of stars that the eye, no longer accustomed, had believed to be lost.




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