between cirrus clouds... and the island of leeks

And so, digressing from

Italian ices and almond

milk, you will find yourself

embarrassed by the choice

of routes to follow...

mare natura storia

... and bewildered, you will

finally understand that

perhaps one holiday

is just not

enough for

all of this.


This is a fortunate area that is kissed by two seas, the energetic Channel of Sicily, with its golden beaches that from Sampieri in the west, going east includes the free bays of Maganuco, S.Maria del Focallo and Marina di Marza, and the wild cliffs of Punta Ciriga. At Punta Formiche, in a miraculous sight, it meets with the Ionian sea in an embrace with calmer and crystal clear waters, together with a seabed that rises to the coast towards Vendicari and its oasis, and colours the sands with a Caribbean pearly grey.


Perhaps the key to it all lies precisely here, with the dry stretches of the fields cultivated with grain and dotted with carobs and age old olive trees, that give the entire countryside its rhythm, because it's here that you understand how the generosity of nature indulges this segment of Sicily in a maternal and unconditional way.

The magnificent Etna, which rises powerfully, looming over the whole of Sicily, can also be seen from the province of Ragusa in the background, the quarries of Pantalica, Cava Grande, the lakes of Avola and the Ispica quarry, and the nature oasis of Vendicari are all worth visiting, for those who love to see and experience moments of contact with nature at its most real.


The centuries seem to benefit this land, giving identities, as different as they are magnificent, to its cities.

And here in the "belt" of Barocca di Noto, Modica, Ragusa and Scicli each historic centre provides unforgettable views.

But in Syracuse and Agrigento, Magna Grecia leads the mind to architypes that are rooted in our hearts, and so explains without words where our roots lie.



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